If you are interested in sponsoring the upcoming Translational Pain Research Symposium please contact conference chair Prof. Ru-Rong Ji or Prof. Yu-Qiu Zhang.

You will have chance to get an exhibition table (1.8*0.6m) at the coffee break and poster area, put your company brochure into conference bag for all attendees, have your company Logo publish on the conference website and network with over 200 experts, academicians and practitioners around the world on Chronic Pain. 

Current Sponsors

ThinkerTech Nanjing Bioscience Inc. is dedicated to the design, development, and sale of instruments and reagents for biomedical research. We team up the cutting-edge research capability with first-class management. Our research team has accumulated rich experience integrating neuroscience, electronics, photonics, and mechanical engineering. In recent years our focus has led to the development of the powerful technologies and products for neurobiology, electrophysiology, and behavioral assays. 

Our products include multi-channel (up to 7) fiber photometry, portable miniature fluorescent microscopes, rapid-scanning confocal imaging system, multi-channel (up to 128) low-noise electrophysiology amplifier/digitizer, multi-channel Go/No-go olfactory and auditory training system, floating-ball spherical treadmill and head-fixed locomotion detector, optogenetic activating and inhibiting systems based on solid lasers, and a highly portable stereotaxic instrument for recording and imaging. These instruments have been popularly applied for neurophysiology, behavioral experiments, and preclinical drug tests. They are featured with advanced technologies, high reliability, affordable costs. In addition to the instruments, we also develop and sell reagents, including adeno-associated virus for efficient transgenes.

Through these efforts we aim to the development of most powerful and affordable instruments and the establishments of one-stop service for research institutes and universities. We have been the pioneer for the industrialization of neuroscience research instruments and reagents. 


公司目前已经开发了一系列仪器,如:多通道(最多7通道)光纤记录系统、微型荧光显微镜, 快速扫描共聚焦显微成像系统, 多通道(最多128通道)低噪音电生理信号放大器、多通道动物嗅觉听觉学习记忆训练及检测系统、清醒小鼠/大鼠记录及运动检测系统、基于小型激光器及光纤的神经细胞激活及抑制系统、小鼠头部固定与调节系统、等。这些仪器主要应用于神经生理学、行为学实验、动物心理学实验、疾病治疗新药开发等,技术先进、性能可靠、性价比高。在仪器之外,我们也销售最新的腺相关病毒载体,用于快速可靠的转基因研究。


DL Naturegene Life Sciences, Inc is one of the largest and most professional life science companies in China, which have developed a very strong reputation as an importer of high quality and innovative instruments.

We are specializing in distribution and support of various life science instruments from all over the world. These include products of many world’s leading manufacturers such as Axon Instruments (Molecular Devices), MDC Instruments, Sutter Instruments, Sophion Instruments, Harvard Apparatus, Panlab, Warner instruments, Neuralynx, A.M.P Instruments, Campden Instruments, and Carestream Health imaging system etc.

Our company has been successfully penetrated in to the life science market as our products are used by all the high schools and scientific research institutions in China. We also act as an exclusive agency for U.S.A AXON’s conventional patch clamp. Such patch clamp has taken almost 80% of the market share in China. Our powerful sales team is trained to customize different experimental systems based on customer requires. We firmly believe that our professional experts and service engineers are able to provide courteous and attentive pre- and after-sales services for our customers.

Our main products include electrophysiological (Automatic and manual/conventional patch clamp systems, Brain multichannel recording system), ion-imaging system, Animal behavioral, Cell biological research instrumentation and software etc. For a more convenient purchasing experience, please purchase our consumable items through our online shop on Taobao website.

Currently, we have developed nine offices in China: Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Changsha, Xi’an, Shandong, Chengdu, and Hong Kong.

For more details, please click: http://www.dlnaturegene.com

东乐自然基因生命科学公司是目前国内规模最大,最专业的经营进口电生理仪器及与电生理仪器配套设备的生命科学实验仪器公司之一。由我公司代理的产品出自世界各地著名的生物仪器制造商,其中,国外知名厂家包括Axon Instruments( Molecular Devices),Sutter Instrument, Harvard Apparatus, Neuralynx, A.M.P Instrument, Campden Instruments, Physiologic Instruments等。由我公司独家代理的美国AXON公司的常规膜片钳产品在中国占有近80%的市场份额,在国内各大高校和科研院所均有我公司产品覆盖。公司专业、强大的销售团队,可根据用户的不同要求给予量身定制不同的实验系统。分布在国内一线城市的数名专业应用服务工程师可及时为客户提供周到的售前和售后服务。



PROBECARE SCIENTIFIC CO., LTD , a professional company, was established by 2 oversea Biomedicine PhD and 1 domestic Pediatrician doctor in Wuhan, a major city of central China in 2004. Our major business scopes are importing and selling Biomedical Science apparatus and clinical medical instruments. Our company has been supplying imported lab apparatus and related services in the fields of Neurography, Pharmacology, and Ethnology…etc to the main internal medical institutes and clinical hospitals all over China. We have set office in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, Chengdu office is on the plan now and will be open soon.

Besides the Behavior and Circadian Physiology research instruments of some famous company in the world(such as Coulbourn/Harvard apparatus, Actimetrics and San Diego…etc, we are also representing the instruments revolving the study of pain from Bioseb in France, which is the world’s largest company and the leading manufacturer of research instruments for in vivo pain study. Bioseb designs and manufactures solutions for anxiety and depression evaluation, motor coordination measurement as well as behavior analysis systems for neuroscience research. www.bioseb.com

As a professional distributor in China with imported high quality, up-to-date products and excellent after-service, Probecare Scientific Co, ltd has become one of the most reputable suppliers in these relative research fields.

Obio Technology (OBiO) is a leader in viral vector based gene delivery for both life science research and gene therapy in China. Since founding in 2013, OBiO has got over 70,000,000 Yuan of equity financing, and was listed on “National equities exchange and quotations”, Dec. 16th, 2016. Located at Shanghai International Medical Zone (SIMZ), Shanghai, OBiO offers adeno-associated virus (AAV), lentivirus and adenovirus based products and technical services. With the core value of “Integrate our resources, service for life science”, OBiO has begun to be the first cooperative choice for research institutes, medical establishment and pharmaceutical enterprises.

  So far, we have a comprehensive platform (>1,300 m2) containing gene cloning, viral vector packaging, cell functional assay, animal experiment and quality control departments. We also have a R&D center (>4,200 m2) for pilot-test of viral vector drugs. With the effort of our professional team, OBiO’s services has extended from viral packaging to gene editing (CRISPR/Cas9 etc.). At the same time, the application of our technology is not only for the in vitro experiments, but also for the in vivo research in neuroscience, cancer, heart or other organ disease fields. As a remarkable achievement, our products and services have been directly referenced on top journals, for instance, Science, Cell, Nature Neuroscience, Nature medicine, et al.

  Dramatically, collaborating with GE Healthcare from March 29th, 2017, OBiO is striving to become a world-class viral vector based gene therapy R&D platform.

We've got everything ready. Where are you?


公司目前拥有分子克隆、病毒包装、细胞功能、动物实验、质量控制等集商务、科研、生产为一体1300多平米的综合平台和4200平米基因载体中试研发综合大楼。约150人的专业团队、大于15000个的人类基因库、超400种人类肿瘤及正常细胞系,让我们能够为您提供最高效的专业科研服务。随着公司的高速发展,我们的技术服务也从病毒包装技术,拓展到前沿的的基因组编辑(CRISPR/Cas9)技术,应用领域也从体外细胞的范畴,拓展到涵盖肿瘤、神经、眼科、心脏、肝脏、肺、肌肉、脂肪等在体研究。和元人的不懈努力也得到了国际同行的认可,多位客户使用我们的产品和技术服务已在Science、Cell、PNAS、Nature Medicine、Nature Neuroscience等国际顶级学术期刊发表高水平论文。

紧跟时代步伐,和元上海构筑了成熟的基因治疗技术研发平台,正式进入基因治疗药物开发领域。2017年3月,我们与全球最大的生物制药技术和设备供应商通用电气医疗集团(GE医疗)签署了《基因治疗战略合作协议》, 计划投资1.1亿元,与GE医疗共同打造全球首个基因治疗病毒载体一次性GMP生产车间。


Yunnan Haopy Group Co., Ltd. is a modern pharmaceutical enterprise group dealing with four sectors of research and development of new drugs, planting (breeding) of Chinese medicinal herbs, production and sales of medicine, pharmaceutical wholesale and retail, investment in bio pharmaceutical and health services industry.

The headquarters locates in Kunming High Tech Industrial Development Zone. The registered capital of the Group is 150 million Yuan, and the total assets is 1.0 billion Yuan, and provides morn than 1000 employment positions, by including Yunnan Haohang Pharmcy LTD. and Yunnan Haohang Pharmaceutical Sales LTD. etc more than ten enterprises.

After more than ten years development, by means of introduction of talents, product innovation, market development, resources integration, fast response, make core competitiveness of Yunnan Haopy Group, achieves rapid development. At present, Yunnan Haopy Group is a leading enterprise in the fields of strategic new industry in Yunnan Province, is also the President of Yunnan Province Medical Pharmaceutical Industry Chamber of Commerce, the Vice President of Medical Pharmaceutical Industry Chamber of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Vice President of Yunnan Provincial Pharmaceutical Association.