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DKU Parent Fund


Launched in November 2019 by the parents of the undergraduate classes of 2022 and 2023, the DKU Parents Fund is commited to facilitate communication between the university and parents, provide a platform for parents to join forces with the university to support initiatives they care about, and offer opportunities and resources for student growth through philanthropic donations.

We invite and welcome parents to contribute to the Duke Kunshan University Parents Fund. Giving is voluntary, and there is no minimum threshold. The Duke Kunshan Education Development Foundation will manage the donation in a uniform way, and regularly disclose progress on projects to donors. Every gift, large or small, will help our students gain an enhanced learning experience, which will bring lifelong benefits.

Based on prior communications to understand the parents’ needs, DKU Parents Fund will support initiatives in the following three areas in the 2020/21 academic year. Parents can choose to donate to the specific initiative(s) according to their interests:

Undergraduate Research

Benefiting from Duke Kunshan’s impressively low student to faculty ratio and liberal arts education, students have more opportunities to engage in research during their undergraduate study. In addition to their coursework, students are required to complete Signature Work that matches their majors through research, internship, civic projects, etc., under their professors’ guidance. Through your support, we will be able to provide more opportunities and resources to our students, covering Signature Work, Summer Research Scholars Program, and other research projects in collaboration with the faculty.

The Office of Academic Affairs will review and select award recipients based on student application submitted through their supervising professors.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiatives

To build students’ innovative and entrepreneurial skills, the Duke Kunshan Innovation Center provides ongoing entrepreneurial coaching, mentorship, and start-up funding (ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of RMB, depending on the specific project) for student innovation and entrepreneurship projects. Due to budget constraints, only less than one-third of student projects currently receive incubation funding from the Innovation Center. Through your support, we will be able to provide funding to more student projects, helping our students translate innovative ideas into business ventures.

The Innovation Center will review and select award recipients based on the project teams’ application for incubation funding.

Student club activities

Student clubs are an important part of campus life at Duke Kunshan, offering great opportunities for students to create a diverse culture, pursue their passions, and enhance leadership and teamwork skills. Students have now set up more than 60 clubs, covering a wide range of fields, including academics, arts & culture, community & society, environment, science & technology, entertainment & sports, service & charity, and health. The Parents Fund will supplement the activities fees allocated to support student clubs so that our students can organize more club activities through parents’ generous support.

The Office of Student Affairs will review and select award recipients based on the budget application for specific club events from student clubs.