GLHLTH 641K Non-Communicable Diseases in LMICs by Prof. Lijing YAN | Duke Kunshan University

Global health attention has historically been focused on acute and infectious diseases. With economic development and shifts in population, environments, and lifestyles, infections and diseases of under- nutrition no longer account for most of the disease burden in high-income countries. The same patterns are starting to emerge in many low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), at a much faster rate, however, than ever seen before in history. This course provides a global overview of the recent trends in non-communicable disease (NCD) epidemiology and strategies for prevention and control of these diseases with a particular emphasis on China and comparisons between China and other countries.

The course focuses on four major NCD categories: cardiovascular, diabetic, oncologic, and pulmonary diseases. Case studies are used to highlight selected geographic differences. Regional differences within China will be considered, in addition to the comparison of China to other countries. By using lectures, videos, assigned readings, and classroom discussions as well as various assignments, the course aims to provide the students with a firm understanding of the shifting disease burden, stakeholders, and interventions to address NCDs in LMICs.