GLHLTH 773K Deconstructing Global Injury Control and Prevention through Systematic Review Methods by Prof. Catherine STATON [Online] [Methods] | Duke Kunshan University

This course will walk a student through the process of conducting a systematic review while providing an introduction to the field of injury epidemiology and injury prevention. As injury is an under-studied field, conducting a systematic review will allow the class to see the limitations of current research and instigate potential research questions in the field of injury. Injury is a leading cause of death and disability throughout the world and is a growing public health epidemic. Prominent types of injury are very different in different settings and those to be discussed in the course are those related to motor vehicles, assaults, firearms, self-injurious behavior and global toxicology. We will also address behavioral, biological, economic and social issues concerning to the implementation of injury reduction policies that will also be emphasized throughout case studies of specific injury scenarios and interventions.

This course will use two methods of education. First, as a class, we will walk through the process of conducting a systematic review. We, as a group, will determine the systematic review question, receive guidance from a librarian, conduct the abstract reviews, manuscript reviews, data extraction, quality analysis and data analysis followed by manuscript development and submission. The class will learn the challenges and benefits of a systematic review and meta-analysis. Next, we will host several guest lecturers who are experts in global injury research and prevention. Students are expected to be prepared to discuss the required reading for each lecture. The course will delve into epidemiology, specific research methods and innovative research methods and articles.