GLHLTH 777K Infectious Disease Epidemiology by Prof. Matt RUBACH [Online] [Methods] | Duke Kunshan University

This on-line elective course provides an in-depth focus on communicable diseases in global settings, spanning from the individual level of diagnosis and treatment of an infectious case to the population level of disease surveillance, prevention, and control conducted by programs of various scope and size. The course will also examine the relationships between infectious disease and environmental health, including veterinary health. The course expands upon disease topics introduced in GL701 (Global Health Challenges) and aims to incorporate concepts from GL705 (Quantitative Research Methods for Global Health Science) and GL702 (Global Health Research: Design and Practice) in order to build towards an integrated understanding of infectious disease epidemiology. It will be taught in three modules: 1) Foundations in Infectious Disease Epidemiology, 2) Disease Surveillance & Prevention, 3) Disease Treatment & Control. Case studies will be utilized throughout in order to empower students to become global health scientists and practitioners with practical knowledge of how health programs, small and large, can confront communicable diseases in resource-limited settings.   

The course instructors bring a wealth of experience in the study and control of infectious diseases in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. As the instructors are DGHI faculty stationed primarily overseas, this course is taught exclusively on-line via lecture-based tutorials, and weekly tele-conferenced discussion sessions.