One Health: Anticipating the Next Pandemic Threat | Duke Kunshan University
One Health: Anticipating the Next Pandemic Threat
Dr. Gregory C. Gray MD, MPH

 Professor at Duke University, Duke-NUS Medical School (Singapore) and Duke Kunshan University

Sep 11th 2019 11:45 to 12:45
Room 3101, Academic Building
Tuesday, September 3, 2019 - 09:45

Summary of the talk:      

Food safety, antimicrobial resistance, and emerging diseases are public health problems found in every country of the world.  Such problems are often considered “wickedly” complex, requiring the collaboration of public health, veterinary health, environmental health, and agricultural business professionals in their prevention and control.  Increasingly, due to modern transportation and agricultural techniques, once local or regional public health problems are now becoming international in scope, affecting thousands of people and animals. Many organizations have embraced the One Health approach as a way forward in developing the necessary multidiscipline and international collaborations. Dr. Gray will discuss the need for adopting the One Health approach in better controlling such wicked problems.  He will also review some of the Duke One Health Network (11 countries) emerging infectious disease research projects as well as novel environmental detection and next generation sequencing tools for pathogen discovery.  Finally, Dr. Gray will encourage attendees to apply the One Health approach in clinical and community settings both at Duke Health and abroad.

Brief Biography:

Gregory C. Gray MD, MPH is an infectious disease epidemiologist and a public health physician. He serves as a Professor at Duke University (USA), Duke-NUS Medical School (Singapore) and Duke Kunshan University (China) where he supervises laboratory-based research teams. These teams involve 30 professionals studying more than 30 pathogens under 30 research and training projects running in multiple countries: China, Iraq, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Singapore, South Africa, the Philippines, the United States, and Vietnam (see Duke One Health web site at:

With expertise in emerging infectious diseases, Dr. Gray has conducted diverse epidemiological studies of infectious diseases for 25 years in 5 continents. He has authored more than 300 peer-reviewed manuscripts and book chapters. 

A strong supporter for the One Health approach, he has won multiple One Health research and training grants, helped to established centers of One Health (USA, Romania, China) and developed 4 graduate programs in One Health (PhD, MHS, and certificate).

He has served on various expert scientific committees and boards including those for the US Food and Drug Administration, US Department of Defense, and US National Academy of Sciences. He has won multiple awards for his infectious disease research and training. In 2019, he was elected to membership in the US think tank, the Council on Foreign Relations.