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From Iodine Deficiency to Gut Microbiota

Speaker:Dr. Zheng Feei Ma

Venue:Room 1079, Academic Building



The seminar will be divided into 2 parts. The first part of the seminar will be focused on the assessment of iodine status in populations (the results of an iodine randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial)


Whole Genome Sequencing Reveals Ancient African Substructure and Local Adaptation

Speaker:Dr. Shaohua Fan

Venue:Room 1079, Academic Building



About Global Health Research Center

Cutting-edge research to improve health equity in China and around the world

Duke Kunshan University and the Duke Global Health Institute established the Global Health Research Center in 2013. The Center uses innovative approaches to research and solve important health and health policy challenges in China and around the world.

The Global Health Research Center is built on the principles of scientific excellence and focuses on establishing interdisciplinary, mutually-beneficial collaborations with researchers from China. It will host national and international conferences to disseminate research findings and encourage dialogue among scientists, professionals, policy-makers and other key stakeholders engaged in global health.

The faculty and research activities complement the global health education programs offered at DKU, including the Master of Science in Global Health and the undergraduate semester courses in global health.

Mission Statement

Improve health in China and the world by conducting high-quality research that leads to informed policy making and innovative approaches to health challenges.

Vision Statement

Eliminate health disparities in China and the world and achieve improved health for all.