Global Diabetes | Duke Kunshan University
Global Diabetes
Ron Halbrooks

Medical Doctor, Sutton Station Internal Medicine

Apr 26th 2016 12:00 to 13:00
Room 1079, Academic Building

Summary of Talk:

Global Diabetes is seeming to grow rapidly in most all of the world due to increased aging, obesity and also increased focus on identifying pre diabetes or new diabetes. The reason is that enormous burden diabetes places on national health care programs. The question is how broad spread is diabetes worldwide and what does this mean for worldwide health care and national governments in the next quarter of a century as most all countries have expectant growth of not only populations but increasing aged and obese populations.


Brief Biography:

Ron Halbrooks is a medical doctor with his education starting with an undergraduate degree in Biology at Texas A&M University (1975-1979), medical school at the University Texas Medical Branch in Galveston (1979-1983), TX and Residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center finishing in 1986 and went to work in Ethiopia in famine relief work from 1986-1989. Then he came to North Carolina and worked with Duke from 1995-1999 in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics (he has taken his licensing boards in both). From 1999-2005, he worked in Qingdao, China at the Municipal Hospital and primarily assisted them in opening an International Clinic. From 2005-present he has continued to work with the Duke Health System in Clinical Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, working in clinical trials and also with Duke Global Health.