Jim Zhang, PhD, MSc | Duke Kunshan University

Professor, Global and Environmental Health, Duke University and Duke Kunshan University


Jim Zhang is Professor of Global and Environmental Health at Duke University and Duke Kunshan University in China. He directs the Exposure Biology and Chemistry Laboratory. He also directs the Regional Ozone Sino-US Collaborative Research Center. Professor Zhang’s main research interests include exposure science and environmental health sciences. Dr. Zhang authored more than 180 peer-reviewed articles, including those published in top biomedical journals (NJEM, the Lancet, JAMA) and environmental sciences journals. His early work on characterizing sources of non-methane greenhouse gases made him one of the officially recognized contributors to the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to IPCC. He is the 2012 recipient of the Jerome Wesolowski Award, the highest honor of the International Society of Exposure Science.  In 2013, Professor Zhang was named an AAAS Fellow.