GLHLTH 701K Global Health Challenges by Prof. Lijing YAN | Duke Kunshan University

This course is designed to provide students an overview of the current global health challenges in a social and ecological framework. We will review health determinants that impact health outcomes in the most disadvantaged populations with a focus on low and middle income countries. Content areas will include: Concepts of health disparities and inequities; population and reproductive health; child survival; water and sanitation (and implications for water-borne diseases); prevention and control of infectious and chronic diseases; preparedness, prevention, and management of complex humanitarian emergencies that lead to health problems in war/post-conflict areas; refugee health; migration, and natural disasters; health systems and policy; and the role of international donors in addressing global health challenges. The course will include an exploration of opportunities to work with international health organizations, non-governmental organizations, and ministries of health to improve health where available funding is limited.