GLHLTH 702K Global Health Research: Design and Practice by Prof. Abu ABDULLAH | Duke Kunshan University

This course will introduce students to a range of quantitative and qualitative research methods appropriate for global health and explore their strengths and weaknesses.  The primary goal is for students to be able to develop good research questions and to be able to design methodologically sound studies to answer these questions.  Students will learn how to read, interpret, and synthesize the academic literature on a research topic.  The selection of appropriate measurements and survey development will be emphasized, and issues in field implementation will be explored.  

Discussion will be encouraged.  A major aspect of this course is the students' development of their own research proposals.  These proposals will be worked on throughout the course and  provide an opportunity for students to further develop ideas that they might eventually hope to carry out in the future.  It is also an opportunity for students to develop thesis proposals (as appropriate).