GLHLTH 705K Biostatistics and Epi for Global Health I by Prof. Henry Suiheng LYNN | Duke Kunshan University

This core MSc-GH course introduces students to the art and e of statistics and epidemiology as applied to Global Health research and practice. Through a series of real examples, you will develop a fundamental language and understanding of statistics and epidemiology. You will learn how to design, describe, and analyze data from a range of epidemiological studies.

The course will emphasize the importance of linking a research question to good study design and data analysis, including data visualization, and of critically evaluating data claims in the face of uncertainty.  The course will mainly focus on simple data settings that examine the relationship between two variables (often referred to as the outcome variable and the exposure variable in epidemiology), with extensions to include a third variable (confounder, mediator, effect modifier).

The course will combine elementary statistical theory, basic statistical techniques, a survey of the main epidemiological study designs and their corresponding analyses, and training in the use of Stata, the world’s leading biostatistical data management and data analysis program.