GLHLTH 722K Culture, Health and Illness in a Global Perspective by Prof. Allan BURNS [Methods] | Duke Kunshan University

This graduate seminar explores medical anthropology as a perspective within global health, as a resource for developing research and understanding of health issues, and as part of implementation science.  Medical anthropology is a field that draws on the biological, archaeological, linguistic, and cultural fields of Anthropology but does so in close cooperation and collaboration with the policy arenas of global public health.  The seminar is divided into four areas:  1) Local and global healing systems.  This topic explores professional, folk, and indigenous health with special attention given to experiences learned in the Ebola outbreak.   2) The biocultural basis of health which focuses on understanding illness experiences and treatments in different settings.  3) Methods and analytic perspectives for examining health disparities at country, region, and global levels. 4) Community based Participatory Action Research and other implementation science approaches that draw on applied medical anthropology.