GLHLTH 725K Global Health and Migration by Prof. Alba Amaya BURNS | Duke Kunshan University

This course provides an overview of the impact of migration in the health of populations who move, those who are left behind, and on the host communities. Every year millions of people move from their home country or region for economic, political, and violence-related reasons, as well as natural and human-made disasters. Other people are forced to move as victims of human trafficking. With their movement, their culture is also moving. Likewise, diseases migrate along with the mass movement of people, creating global health challenges. In their host communities or during their journey, migrants are also at risk of contracting diseases or confronting violence, both of which can lead to death or severely negative health outcomes. In this course, special attention will be given to health disparities and inequities and their health determinants in host countries or regions. Case studies will be discussed on migration and health from both within Latin America and to the United States, within China, between China and Africa, within African countries, and mixed migration from Africa into Europe. Lessons learned, and ethically sound public health approaches will be discussed to promote health and protect human rights of migrants at global levels.