GLHLTH 740K Ethics for Global Health Research by Prof. Abu ABDULLAH | Duke Kunshan University

Global health ethical issues may be encountered when implementing applied anthropology, public and global health, and health related programs. Ethical issues are often caused by lack of knowledge or negligence in observing the established rules and regulations. Most ethical regulations emerged following serious unethical events that ignored the fundamental human rights of individuals and communities while participating voluntarily or not in medical or public health research.  There is a need to observe ethical practices to fulfill the respect for human rights in target populations and thus work to eliminate health disparities. This two-credit student-led seminar will allow students to actively participate in leading and engaging in discussions surrounding current and past public health ethical issues.  

This seminar allows students to review scientific articles on global health ethics and develop a case study proposal for their summer field work.  Articles will be selected from Global Health topics in public health, medical anthropology, sociology, and health related journals and books. The purpose of this course is to develop critical thinking, writing, and advocacy skills to address unethical practices while working in global health settings. This seminar also will prepare students to address health disparities at a global level by pointing out ethical issues that affect the most disadvantaged populations worldwide.