GLHLTH 755K Health Economics by Prof. Chee-Ruey HSIEH [Methods] | Duke Kunshan University

The goal of this course is to enhance the student’s economic understanding of how health care institutions and markets function. Specifically, this course presents theoretical and empirical findings as they pertain to decisions individuals make about their health and health care, and choices suppliers of health care services make, as well as a guide for government decision making about resource allocation and policy in the health sector. The theoretical and empirical approaches discussed in this course draw heavily on the more general field of applied microeconomics. However, this course is designed for students with no economics prerequisites. In addition, reflecting the increased interest in global health, this course takes a global view in the sense that the analysis is not country-specific but applies to countries all over the world. The structure of the course is organized sequentially in the following way that has been widely used in economics: beginning from the individual and firm level; then shifting to market level; and finally moving to a macroeconomic level which views the economy as a whole and the role of health and health care within the macroeconomy.