GS 721K Academic Communication Skills by Prof. Tyler CARTER | Duke Kunshan University

This course helps students improve their academic communication skills in academic and professional contexts. Specifically, this course will focus on developing presentation skills; rhetorical knowledge, including principles of visual design; ways to engage in discussions and debate; fluency and grammatical accuracy; the ability to emphasize key points and be understood; and local-level writing skills. At its core then, this course aims to develop student competence and confidence in oral and written communication through language, rhetoric, and performance. It is based on the belief that effective communication is not just a matter of knowing the “correct” language, but that effective communication is also a matter of using the language that is most appropriate for a given audience and situation. Further, this course assumes that continuous practice and feedback will enable students to hone the performative aspects of effective communication towards the ends of improved implementation them in real world situations, including the graduate classroom and professional settings. Finally, the goals, materials, practices of this course are linked closely with the academic writing course offered in the Spring, and many of the concepts and practices will carry over and continue to be expanded upon.