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Key Features

The ECE MEng program offers a list of unique feature that facilitates our students to grow into global leaders.

Duke Degree

Upon completion of degree requirements, students will receive a Duke Master of Engineering degree.

Access to the US Job Market

Students are expected to spend their second year at Duke University. While there, they are eligible for Optional Practical Training (OPT) from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Interdisciplinary Curriculum

Our program offers a series of courses that cover engineering, business, and management. Students are expected to complete two industry preparation classes focusing on industry management and business fundamentals.

Networking and Internship Opportunities

Students will be connected to companies within the industry. This access will allow them to identify summer internship opportunities in the appropriate technical positions. Through these internships, students will gain valuable industry knowledge and apply their education to serve the global society.

World-class Faculty

Our faculty members are recruited from around the world. They have accreditations from top-tier universities and are internationally renowned experts of education and research in their technical fields.

Training in problem-solving skills

We place great emphasis on technical training in problem-solving skills. Our technical courses involve various projects that are derived from practical applications, which are designed to hone these skills.

Access to Duke University

In their second year of the program, our students are expected to be on-site at Duke University, with great access to Duke faculty, American culture, the United States professional network, and more.

Smooth cultural transitions

Students spend their first year in China, where they receive a US-style education in a comfortable, home environment. This allows for a gradual transition between the two cultures, alleviating the stress of culture shock during their second year abroad.