Information for Medical Physics students | Duke Kunshan University

Information for Medical Physics students

Graduate students in Duke Kunshan’s medical physics (MP) program received the following information on email from the MP program’s faculty and staff on Feb. 1.

As you know, access to the DKU campus is restricted until further notice because of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV). Please regularly check your DKU email for the latest and official news on developments.

First-year students:

In the week starting Feb. 3, we will provide remote lectures in the Radiation Protection (510K) course.

  • If there are technical difficulties, we will work with you to reschedule as needed or to provide recorded materials to view at your convenience.
  • Homework assignments and other learning materials will be provided in the Radiation Therapy Physics (520K) and Diagnostic Imaging (530K) courses. Your instructors will contact you via email to arrange Q&A sessions, feedback on homework, and other interactions.

In the week starting Feb. 10, remote lectures will begin in Radiation Therapy Physics (520K) and Diagnostic Imaging (530K).

The seminar series will resume Feb. 11 if IT issues can be addressed or will otherwise resume Feb. 18.

Second-year students:

Please continue to emphasize completion of your M.Sc. thesis projects. We will work with the Graduate School to address any special provisions you may need for your thesis defense.

For coursework, your instructors will be in contact by email to provide materials and schedules for Advanced Radiation Therapy Procedures (723K), Clinical Practicum (728K), and Frontiers in Biomedical Sciences (770K), and for the seminar series.

We will continue with remote teaching this semester for as long as campus access is restricted.

Classes will be held in the week of March 9-13, which was originally scheduled as a spring break. These sessions will be utilized to make up for classes missed during the week starting Feb. 3.

There may also be M.Sc. thesis defenses scheduled during this week.

The last day of classes will be April 23.

For first-year students, reading days will be April 24-29, the qualifying exam will be Thursday April 30, and course final exams will be May 3-5.

Second-year students will follow the original DKU spring semester calendar, with reading days April 24-27 and course final exams April 28-30.

Please take good care of your health. Your health, education and well-being are all very important to us. We look forward to working with you in the weeks ahead.