Master of Science in Global Health

Program Overview

Innovative US global health education for tomorrow’s leaders, in China 

Global Health is an area of study, research and practice that places a priority on improving health and achieving equity in health for all people worldwide. Recognizing that many global health problems stem from economic, social, environmental, political, and health care inequalities, the global health program brings together interdisciplinary teams to solve complex health problems and to train the next generation of global health leaders.

The Duke Kunshan University Master of Science in Global Health (MSc-GH) students come from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds including medicine, public health, biology, engineering, law, economics, policy, business and more. Emphasizing interdisciplinary collaboration, a research experience, and mentorship from expert faculty, the program prepares graduates to make an impact in their world. Students successfully completing the requirements of the program receive a Master of Science degree from Duke University in Durham, NC USA. 

The Duke Kunshan MSc-GH program is modeled after the highly successful program pioneered at Duke University. Now in its sixth year, the MSc-GH at Duke has trained over 100 global health leaders who now hold rewarding positions with academic, non-governmental and corporate organizations. Many graduates are also pursuing medical or Ph.D.-level training at the top universities in the world. 


Students are automatically considered for scholarships based on their Graduate School application – no additional application is required.

Building a Career in Research