Master of Science in Global Health


Your Future Career Starts at Duke Kunshan University

Students today need international experience to compete in global labor markets. Employers want to hire students who are comfortable in global settings.

Global health will continue to be a big component of international development work, and the need for global health professionals is strong and growing.

In this program students develop an understanding of the most important global health concepts and challenges, build valuable research skills, and acquire hands-on international experience. 

Duke Kunshan faculty and professional development staff help students build connections with future employers. A Duke Kunshan education provides students with more than just knowledge; it helps them build confidence, elicits their creativity, enhances their communication skills, and teaches them to think in innovative ways.

Successful graduates of this program will pursue academic careers in global health and research, global medicine, and in non-governmental organizations such as the World Health Organization, World Bank, World Food Programme, and in other corporate sectors and governmental agencies around the world.

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