Microsoft Teams instruction | Duke Kunshan University

Microsoft Teams instruction


The instruction is also available in PDF version, which is printer-friendly, please click HERE to download.

1. Download and install

Download from Microsoft

2. Log in

For first time running Microsoft Teams, type in: (where NetID is student’s Duke NetID). It will redirect to Duke SSO Login, please enter your netid and password, and then pass the MFA.

If experiencing any login issues, VPN can solve most of the problem.

3. Create team

  • Only the 1st user of the team needs to take this step.
  • Click on the Teams icon on the left bar. Go Teams > Join or create team > Name your team and start searching for your teammates in the directory. Once you invite all your teammates, your team is officially created.

4. Join a team

People who are invited to a team are teammembers and an invitation link will be sent to them.

Each team member should download and install Microsoft Teams, login (steps 1 – 2) and simply click on the invitation link to join.

You can also join a team with a code by asking for a Team Code.

5. Video and chat

Microsoft Teams allows members to “Facetime” with other team members.

Text chat does real time translation from and to most major languages.

6. File sharing and editing

There are two places to see your files in Teams.

1) The Files icon on the left bar. After clicking on it you can check all your downloads, personal files stored via OneDrive, and files shared from your Teams.

2) Go Teams-> Enter Your Teams-> Top bar on the page -> Files. Teams support real-time collaboration which means multiple people can edit the same file at the same time.

7. Mobile Devices

Microsoft Teams can be installed on your mobile devices. Go App Store for IOS or Google play store for android to download Microsoft Teams App.

Google services may not be available in China. If needed, search for microsoft teams apk and download the apk to install. You may need to enable install from unknown sources in Settings in Android. When downloading apk, please be very careful to verify the download source is reliable and trustworthy.