Spotlight | Duke Kunshan University


Ege Duman '22 has secured a place in Tsinghua University’s Amgen Scholars program, which provides the opportunity to explore innovative research in areas including gene therapy, biologics and medical devices.

Undergraduates at Duke Kunshan have almost two years to explore a broad range of interdisciplinary courses before they declare a major, providing them the time and space to discover new passions and re-evaluate or reinforce their academic focus.

Duke Kunshan is closely monitoring developments surrounding the outbreak of Covid-19 caused by novel coronavirus and is working hard to protect all our students, faculty and staff on campus and beyond. We will share updates as we have them.

Commencement 2020: Keynote speaker Feng Ge urges graduates to use their knowledge ‘wisely and proactively’ while Chancellor Youmei Feng hails friends and family for their unwavering support in challenging times.

As part of a global study, Kathinka Fürst, associate director of the Duke Kunshan Environmental Research Center, is conducting in-depth analysis on Chinese policy instruments targeting plastic production, utilization and recycling.