Spotlight | Duke Kunshan University


Faculty Focus: Chemistry professor Mark Spaller has received praise from undergraduate students for his stimulating class sessions, in which he strives to provide a foundation for future learning and show how complicated subject matter connects to everyday life.

Duke Kunshan now offers undergraduate students the opportunity to explore a cutting-edge field of study that aims to understand human thinking and actions, and how policies and other interventions shape our decisions.

Duke Kunshan is closely monitoring developments surrounding the outbreak of Covid-19 caused by novel coronavirus and is working hard to protect all our students, faculty and staff on campus and beyond. We will share updates as we have them.

As part of the annual Learning Innovation Fellowship, mentors and established peers introduced the fresh cohort to the university’s unique student-centered teaching approach and seven-week sessions.

The international 2020 Apereo Teaching and Learning Awards has recognized the course instructors for vigorous student engagement and the use of online tools to minimize disruption caused by Covid-19.