Spotlight | Duke Kunshan University


Starting in freshmen year, undergraduates at Duke Kunshan are given the opportunity to work closely with accomplished faculty on a wide range of research projects, in laboratories and in the field. For many, the experience is as enlightening as the end result.

Research by nuclear physicist Haiyan Gao, Duke Kunshan’s former vice chancellor for academic affairs, sheds light on the ‘fundamental building block of visible matter’ and may advance insights into quantum chromodynamics.

A team led by Ming Li, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, secured awards after outperforming prestigious international rivals in challenges involving computational paralinguistics and speaker recognition.

The university’s new off-campus community center offers a relaxing lakeside escape from the rigors of academia, with abundant space for socializing, club activities, meetings, arts events and entertainment.

Denis Simon, executive vice chancellor of Duke Kunshan, has been invited to serve as a member of the Committee on Science and Innovation Leadership for the 21st Century: Challenges and Strategic Implications for the United States.