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A snake

As world leaders meet at COP15, the U.N. biodiversity conference, Binbin Li, assistant professor of environmental science, and fellow conservationist Linyun Xiao focus on one of the most radical and far-reaching measures introduced by the Chinese government in recent years.

A child sits on his father's knee

Wesley Lo’s father once advised him to “max your life.” It was a piece of advice that has shaped his actions ever since, leading him on a quest of constant learning and to Duke Kunshan.

Duke Kunshan's undergraduate Summer Research Scholars program provides strong support for students who are passionate about research.

Two researches sit in a grassy area

After ethnic clashes in southern Ethiopia, global health major Metasebiya Ayele Mamo ’22 has surveyed hundreds of internally displaced people to aid design of interventions that can alleviate stress, depression and anxiety.

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