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If you’re looking for bright, pioneering classmates, a unique, diverse campus community, and easy access to Asia’s most vibrant cities, student ambassador Charlie Colasurdo says Duke Kunshan could just be the best decision you’ll ever make.

Psychologist Yan Li, associate dean of student affairs and director of Counseling and Psychological Services at Duke Kunshan, offers a blueprint for mental health support in a time of isolation.

One of three new labs launched by the Humanities Research Center, the project aims to explore how different cultures perceive freedom and build tolerance among people for opposing interpretations of historical or current events.

Lindsay Mahon Rathnam, who is teaching Fundamental Questions of Social Science, shares her experience in helping students get the most out of online classes and the challenges of teaching from home with two small children.

Meet the Class of 2024: Tuong Vy Doan, an early decision admit from Vietnam, says her passion for confectionary has allowed her to experiment and test herself in new ways, including by starting a bakery business at 16.