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iDKU: Life is a marathon, not a sprint

Henry Stevens, president of the DKU Running Club, wins the 2019 Kunshan 10KM Running League

Henry Stevens, president of the DKU Running Club, made his school and teammates proud by finishing first in the 2019 Kunshan 10KM Running League in mid-November. He clocked just 36:08 seconds. Way to go! You can see images on Instagram.

In preparation for another kind of finish line, finals week, which started Dec. 16, the Office of Student Affairs organized a series of stress-relieving activities for undergraduates, including a puppy playtime, flower arranging and baking festive cookies. See images on Instagram.

Undergraduate students attended a glamorous gala at the Committee of 100’s 2019 Greater China Conference on Dec. 9. Founded by prominent Chinese Americans including architect I.M. Pei and cellist Yo-Yo Ma, the C100 hosts events in the U.S. and China for top influencers. The C100 Scholars Program, established in 2005, aims to foster the leadership potential of young Chinese scholars. This year, the program expanded to include Chinese students and American students studying in China, including at DKU, Peking University, Tsinghua University and NYU Shanghai.

Want to see what life is like at DKU? Freshman Caroline Palmer from Redding, Connecticut, U.S., shares a day in her life at the university – Thanksgiving Day, to be exact – in a new video shared on YouTube.

Students dine out at a pop-up restaurant as part of Global Culture Month

To mark Global Culture Month in November, the university held a series of events to celebrate the diverse collection of cultures on campus, including galas, fashion shows, pop-up restaurants, movie nights, cooking lessons and language exchanges. The opening ceremony saw about 100 students collect a “passport” for them to stamp at each activity and then exchange for souvenirs at a global bazaar at the end of the month.

To help prospective international students know more about the scholarships and financial aid on offer at DKU, the university has produced a fun video that details the application process.

NYU Shanghai arts professor Barbara Edelstein and international artist Jian-Jun Zhang held an ink-brush painting workshop in the Water Pavilion as part of the Kunshan Digital Archive project in early December. Workshop coordinator Momoko Mandere, C22, said, “Before this, I thought it is the words that matter. But now I think of calligraphy as a process of time.” You can find images on Instagram.

The DKU Quest program, in which the Office of Student Affairs arranges a series of trips with “wow” factor, returned in November with a two-day trip to the Baofu Bamboo Forest in Anji county, Zhejiang province, where students took a long hike, joined villagers in making traditional tofu and dumplings, and shared music and stories over a campfire. A separate group later visited Siming Mountain, which included a 12-kilometer forest hike and a cooking workshop to learn how to make pumpkin treats.

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