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Sophomore student William Sachson talks about examining fossils alongside experts at the Chinese Academy of Sciences over the summer and how college life has helped him ‘grow in ways I never imagined.’

Pakistani student Zainab Farooqui, Class of 2023, explains how her own communication issues as a child inspired her to work with autistic children and seek a global perspective on mental and physical illness.

To help his class dive deeper into the complex dynamics at the Yalta conference of 1945, historian Zach Fredman introduced an immersive game that required students to step into the shoes of important historical figures.

Honey Huang, an undergraduate from Pakistan, writes about the many opportunities she had to explore China during her freshman year at Duke Kunshan, with trips taking her to as far afield as Hangzhou, Wuhan and Shenzhen.

Duke Kunshan undergraduates share their takeaways from the 2019 Student Leader Global Summit in South Africa, where they joined dozens of students from around the world in designing campaigns and visiting sites of historical and cultural importance.