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Actors from the Kunshan Contemporary Kunqu Theater visited the Duke Kunshan campus to perform classic scenes from “Peony Pavilion” and “The Water Margin” to demonstrate the unique vocal and lyrical style of kunqu.

Four undergraduate students majoring in different economics tracks at Duke Kunshan talk about what got them interested, what they have learned, and how they are applying that knowledge in real-world settings and situations.

Faculty Focus: While many see the internet as a window to the world, art historian Jung Choi sees a darker side to digital media that is fueling feelings of isolation. Her work with augmented reality aims to help people experience their surroundings in new, exciting ways.

Winning proposal suggests China and the U.S. develop and manage a joint satellite platform to collect scientific data on epidemiology, climate change, and other areas of mutual concern.

Shanghai-based visual artist Cheng Guo created the installation “Wind Verification” during his three-month residency as CAC-DKU research/creation fellow, a partnership of Duke Kunshan and the Chronus Art Center.