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Sophomore student Anisha Joshi remembers the ‘catastrophes’ she encountered on her first-year journey of discovery at Duke Kunshan – and the hard lessons and lasting friendships that each one brought her.

iDKU brings you a selection of the most recent student activities and upcoming events at Duke Kunshan. This edition includes an astrological art installation, a thought-provoking photo exhibition on relationships, and a birthday rap.

iMEP graduate Kelley Reardon talks about sharing her research with world-leading environmental experts at an international conference and exploring the host city, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

Sophomore student William Sachson talks about examining fossils alongside experts at the Chinese Academy of Sciences over the summer and how college life has helped him ‘grow in ways I never imagined.’

Pakistani student Zainab Farooqui, Class of 2023, explains how her own communication issues as a child inspired her to work with autistic children and seek a global perspective on mental and physical illness.