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Meet the Class of 2024: Tuong Vy Doan, an early decision admit from Vietnam, says her passion for confectionary has allowed her to experiment and test herself in new ways, including by starting a bakery business at 16.

A freshman, a graduate student and a professor at Duke Kunshan share their unique perspectives on what it’s like to fast-forward through school and enter university at an early age.

At a time when the Duke Kunshan community is dotted around the world, Ryan Trombly writes that this year’s Duke-UNC China Leadership Summit in February showed faculty and students share a deep connection with their academic home.

Ahead of World Wildlife Day on March 3, environmental science professor Binbin Li sat down with Duke Kunshan sophomore Chenling Qu to discuss her work tracking giant pandas in the remote forests of China and the people who inspired her to follow her passion.

Meet the Class of 2024: Budding polyglot McLaren Lindsey, an early decision admit, says his love of linguistics has allowed him to gain greater understanding of diverging cultural perspectives as well as what it means to be a global citizen.