Donations to Duke Kunshan University now are tax deductible

Recently, the Duke Kunshan University Education Development Foundation received its charitable donation pre-tax deduction qualification, with the approval from Jiangsu Province Department of Finance, Jiangsu Office of State Administration of Tax, and Jiangsu Province Local Taxation Bureau.  This means that all donations to support the development of Duke Kunshan University will get pre-tax deduction benefits.

What is pre-tax deduction? How to obtain it?

For companies, charitable donations to the DKU Foundation (and other eligible charitable social organizations and foundations) are fully deductible up to 12 percent of the company’s total annual profit.  For individuals, the amount under individual income tax law is fully deductible.

This is according to “Circular on Relevant Issues Concerning the Pre-Tax Deduction of Charitable Donations (caishui [2013] No.70).” 

About Duke Kunshan University Education Development Foundation

The Duke Kunshan University Education Development Foundation (DKU Foundation) was founded by Duke Kunshan University in May 2015 with approval from Kunshan Civil Affairs Bureau. The mission of the DKU Foundation is to strengthen the linkages and collaboration between Duke Kunshan University and organizations and individuals in and outside China, raising funds to support the general development of the university, awarding and supporting faculty and students, and advancing the development of education in China. The foundation can receive donations from individuals and organizations both in and outside China.

The DKU Foundation is devoted to financially supporting and mobilizing social resources for Duke Kunshan University. The funds of the DKU Foundation will be used to support student cultivation, teaching, scientific research, faculty recruitment and campus infrastructure and other projects that help the development of Duke Kunshan University. The DKU foundation is committed to utilizing donations under donors’ instruction/intent and providing timely reports. 

How to give?

Please email Feng Cheng, the Secretary General of the DKU Foundation, at

Links: Evidence that the DKU Foundation is on the List of Social Organizations and Foundations eligible for Charitable Donations Pre-Tax Deduction.