Duke Kunshan to establish Jinxi education base | Duke Kunshan University

Duke Kunshan to establish Jinxi education base

May 6, 2019

Chancellor Youmei Feng, left, unveils a plaque for the new education base with a senior official from the Jinxi government.

Duke Kunshan University is to open an education base in Jinxi, the ancient water town, where students will receive practical training and carry out elements of their coursework.

The university and the local government signed a memorandum of understanding on the practicum base of education on April 19.

It states that over the next five years, Duke Kunshan and Jinxi will increase cooperation in the fields including art and humanities, social sciences, ecology and the environment, and science and technology.

Youmei Feng, chancellor of Duke Kunshan, said the water town’s profound cultural heritage and abundant resources will support the university’s education and scientific research.

“Faculty members and students at Duke Kunshan have long hoped to contribute more to Kunshan’s overall development,” she said. “By taking advantage of the education practicum base, faculty and students will be able to enhance the significance and effectiveness of their scientific research projects and problem-solving skills by going off campus.”

Jinxi, which has a history dating back 2,000 years, is just a 40-minute drive south of the Duke Kunshan campus. According to the MOU, the base will be available for teaching, research and service practicum for students and faculty, such as carrying out interactive co-curriculum and extra-curriculum activities.

In addition, both parties have agreed to actively promote research collaborations and develop innovation and entrepreneurship programs of interest to local communities.