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Fuqua Released MMS: Duke Kunshan Class of 2017 Employment Report

April 20, 2018
Fuqua Released MMS: Duke Kunshan Class of 2017 Employment Report

Duke’s Fuqua School of Business recently released its annual Master of Management Studies jobs report: Duke Kunshan University (MMS: Duke Kunshan) Class of 2017 Employment Report. Following the strong performance recorded by graduates of the previous class, the news this year continues to be even more promising for participants in this innovative program.

The report shows, of the 40 MMS: Duke Kunshan graduates seeking employment, 90% of MMS: Duke Kushan 2017 graduates received job offers within six months of graduating.

More than 30 international and domestic companies hired MMS: Duke Kunshan graduates in 2017 through various recruitment channels, including partnership programs with Duke Kunshan University, alumni referrals, on-campus recruitment and direct job postings. The hiring companies included Bain & Company, Deloitte, J.P. Morgan, L’Oreal, Citi, Standard Chartered Bank, General Motors, Ernst & Young, Jet.com, China International Capital Corporation Limited (CICC), and China Development Bank.

For these newly hired graduates, 86% of the positions were located in Asia, while the rest went to North and South America. For graduates accepting jobs in China, the employment opportunities were clustered in metropolises with 64% of them based in Shanghai and 23% in Beijing.

New MMS: Duke Kunshan graduates tended to receive competitive salaries in these new jobs. The average reported base salary in Asia was $24,640, or approximately ¥154,000 ($1 = ¥6.25), which almost equaled that recorded last year, and $59,440 in countries outside Asia with a nearly 15% increase over the previous year.


Finance and Consulting remained the top fields for 2017 graduates as more than 60% of the graduating class accepted jobs in those two sectors. At the same time, there was evidence of growing interest and success in developing careers across multiple industries. Positions were accepted in an increasing variety of industries including transportation, education, social and environmental impact, and energy. 


“We’re very proud of the MMS: Duke Kunshan Class of 2017,” said Bonnie Liu, Director of Career Services at Duke Kunshan University. “Company recruiters are extremely impressed by the quality hires from the program. The employment success is a strong reflection of Duke Fuqua and Duke Kunshan’s education quality. We are confident the success will continue and enhance as we grow.”

“The one-year experience at Duke Fuqua and Duke Kunshan sharpened my competitive edge when I was seeking employment last year,” said Rylee Rao, a graduate of the MMS: Duke Kunshan Class of 2017 and a current employee at Citi. “Among the numerous highlights of this program, I particularly appreciated the career services resources that helped me shift my perspective from that of a student to a real professional.”

Despite the challenging domestic and global job market, the MMS: Duke Kunshan program is proving to provide a remarkable advance in its graduates’ job hunting and career development progress. Students receive invaluable knowledge in the core features of business by exposing them to two of the most dynamic economies around the globe, laying a solid foundation for their future career success. 

Please click here to view the 2016-2017 MMS: Duke Kunshan University full employment report.

About MMS: Duke Kunshan

The Master of Management Studies: Duke Kunshan University program offers an opportunity for a truly global learning and networking experience for graduating university students and young professionals with less than 2 years’ work experience. It allows students to start the program in the United States at Duke University in Durham, NC, and then finish at the Duke Kunshan University campus in Kunshan, China.

Students learn from the world-class faculty of Duke University’s renowned Fuqua School of Business, and apply newly acquired business skills and acumen to real-life situations.  A Duke degree will be awarded upon graduation.

See here for more on program details, admission, careers, and student experience. Contact mms-education@dukekunshan.edu.cn for further information.