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Coronavirus: Updates on DKU’s emergency response

February 11, 2020

Duke Kunshan is closely monitoring developments surrounding the Covid-19 outbreak caused by novel coronavirus and is working hard to protect all our students, faculty and staff on campus and beyond. We will share updates as we have them here and on Facebook and Twitter.

The DKU campus is closed except to essential personnel until futher notice. Our online instruction plan launches Feb. 24.

There have been no reported cases of Covid-19 on the DKU campus. As of Feb. 18, Kunshan city had 19 confirmed cases.


Updates from Duke Kunshan University

Frequently Asked Questions on DKU's response to Covid-19

Feb. 5: Information for DKU staff: Back-to-work plan
Jan. 30: DKU extends campus access restrictions, plans online courses
Jan. 29: Kunshan confirms first cases of coronavirus
Jan. 29: DKU helps expedite return of international students’ passports
Jan. 26: A special message to DKU parents
Jan. 25: DKU postpones start of classes until Feb. 17; access to campus restricted
Jan. 22: Measures to protect DKU against the coronavirus

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Information for DKU students
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FAQs – Online course information for students
PE class information for sessions 3 and 4
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IT tools for online learning
CAPS: 7 ways to stay focused when studying from home

Information for Undergraduate students
Information for Medical Physics students
Information for Global Health students
Information for ECE students
New teaching plan for iMEP
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Updates for DKU parents
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Analysis by DKU faculty

Outbreak shows need to focus more on viruses with pandemic potential Benjamin Anderson, an infectious disease epidemiologist and assistant professor of science and global heath, calls for more resources to study viruses that could cross over from animals to human.

7 Duke experts answer the most pressing coronavirus questions this week Includes DKU global health professors Shenglan Tang and Gregory C. Gray.

Xenophobia, too, is a virus facing China A touching opinion piece by visiting DKU professor William O'Brien. (Toledo Blade)

The Great Coronavirus Wall Is Breached. Let's Now Prepare For Its Arrival DKU professor and epidemiologist Gregory C. Gray says medical preparation and public education are the most valuable tools to reassure people. (U.S. News & World Report)

BGSU researcher waylaid in Thailand wants to help combat coronavirus in China Visiting DKU professor William O'Brien says everyone can be a "healer and helper" with the psychosocial consequences of the outbreak. (Toledo Blade)

What is coronavirus? DKU professor and epidemiologist Gregory C. Gray explains.


Important information and resources:

Anyone suffering symptoms including shortness of breath, chest pains, coughing, breathing difficulty or a fever of 37.8 C (100 F) or above should seek immediate medical assistance. Here are some basic health tips to minimize the risk of infection:

- Wash your hands regularly for at least 15 seconds with soap and warm water
- Avoid large crowds of people, such as at airports, trains stations, etc.
- Wear a surgical mask or N95 mask while outside
- Avoid close contact with people who have flu or cold-like symptoms
- Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze
- Avoid unnecessary travel
- Exercise regularly to maintain good physical health
- Ensure your place of residence has good airflow
- Thoroughly cook meat and eggs
- Avoid contact with live wild animals and farm animals
- Avoid wet markets with live poultry

Frequently asked questions about Covid-19

For health advice, situation reports and the latest travel advice, use the following resources:

U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention
World Health Organization (English)
World Health Organization (Chinese)