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Dr. Scott MacEachern, Dr. James Miller, and Dr. William Winner have been respectively named division chair of social sciences, arts and humanities, and natural and applied sciences of the undergraduate program at Duke Kunshan University. They assume their roles on December 1, 2018.

Duke Kunshan vice chancellor expects confirmation of PRad experiment result soon

The preliminary result from the most recent PRad experiment to determine the proton charge radius suggests it is about five percent smaller than previously thought from electron scattering experiments. Researchers are finishing the remaining study on systematic uncertainties and a final result is expected soon. If confirmed, a smaller proton charge radius could have enormous implications.

On November 8, 2018, Duke Kunshan University held its first Thanks-Giving Dinner & Scholarship Celebration on campus, together with the unveiling ceremony of the donor recognition wall. The event was jointly organized by the Duke Kunshan Education Development Foundation and the Office of Development and Alumni Relations.  Nearly 100 scholarship recipients, along with donors, and Duke Kunshan faculty and staff gathered to celebrate donors for their generous support, express gratitude, and...

Simon and his co-authors demonstrate that China is becoming increasingly embedded in international science and technology affairs at the highest levels and that China promises to have a steadily more important influence on the shape and character of the global innovation system.

By Shangyi Jiang and Xinyue Zhou

On Nov. 2-3, Duke Kunshan University welcomed the families of first-year undergraduate students to campus. 

In all, 134 parents and family members participated in the family weekend event. They had a chance to interact with the faculty, students and others who will be important parts of their children's lives for the next few years.