Spotlight | Duke Kunshan University


In a panel discussion, experts from Fudan, Sichuan and Duke Kunshan universities and The Economist expressed optimism for the future of China-U.S. collaborations in education, science and technology despite the current tension between Washington and Beijing.

Since taking office in 2015, Simon has overseen completion of the first phase of Duke Kunshan’s 200-acre campus and the launch of the undergraduate program, as well as helped develop an innovative curriculum and hire more than 80 faculty members from around the world.

Duke Kunshan’s new center for mathematics and computational science will focus on encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration, organizing international conferences and workshops, and providing research opportunities to students.

Starting in freshmen year, undergraduates at Duke Kunshan are given the opportunity to work closely with accomplished faculty on a wide range of research projects, in laboratories and in the field. For many, the experience is as enlightening as the end result.

Research by nuclear physicist Haiyan Gao, Duke Kunshan’s former vice chancellor for academic affairs, sheds light on the ‘fundamental building block of visible matter’ and may advance insights into quantum chromodynamics.