Spotlight | Duke Kunshan University


Collaboration between Duke Kunshan and fintech company Sinodata will boost innovation in emerging sectors, such as big data analysis and fraud detection, and train interdisciplinary talent to help businesses improve efficiency and cut costs.

At the annual gathering, directors worked with undergraduate students on exercises designed to capture insights on key issues such as drawing social resources, internal governance and making investment policy.

Toddi Steelman, dean of the Nicholas School of the Environment, hails its strong link with Duke Kunshan and vows to encourage more Duke faculty ‘to contribute to what is happening on this exciting new campus.’

The undergraduate Class of 2023 will include adventurous, academically gifted scholars from 28 countries and promises to be a ‘truly wonderful addition to the dynamic and diverse community’ on campus.

Duke Kunshan’s AI experts will work closely with Dami & Xiaomi, which provides training and support services to affected families, to explore how technology can help doctors diagnose children earlier.