Spotlight | Duke Kunshan University


The 16th China Annual Conference for International Education was held in Beijing on Oct 23-25. Duke Kunshan University was present at the International Symposium on Cross-border Education and the Achievement Exhibition for the Cross-border Education at this year’s Conference. Since the year of 2000, the China Annual Conference for International Education has been held every year for 15 consecutive years, becoming one of the most influential platforms for international education exchanges in...

October 15, Kunshan - The second international workshop on water energy in China was held at Duke Kunshan University on October 14 and 15. About 80 researchers and individuals from public and private sectors from China, the United States, Israel, France and other countries convened to assess the potential impacts of increased unconventional energy exploration – especially shale gas and tight sand oil – on China’s water supply.

October 13th, Adam Silver, the Commissioner of the National Basketball Association (NBA), visited Duke Kunshan University campus, where he met with students, faculty and staff. Silver is leading the 2015 NBA Global Games tour in Shenzhen and Shanghai in China. 

Duke Kunshan students and staff gave Silver a warm welcome on his first visit to the campus. Sliver gave away 8 tickets to students for watching a preseason game between Charlotte Hornets and Los Angeles Clippers to be held in...

Over the past decade, China has been actively looking for more effective ways to transform and upgrade its higher education system. The Chinese strategy is designed to emphasize quality enhancements rather than simple quantitative expansion. To help achieve its goals, the Chinese government has approved establishment of a number of independent Sino-foreign universities across the country.

As an active, long time member of the Nati‎onal Committee for US-China Relations, I was invited to attend the Seattle dinner held in honor of the visit to the US of China's President, Xi Jinping. It was his 7th visit to the US since 1985. The visit to Seattle provided an opportunity for President Xi to meet with a broad range of US business leaders and state government officials as a way to kickoff his US visit to the White House.