Spotlight | Duke Kunshan University


Research by Kathinka Fürst, associate director of Duke Kunshan’s Environmental Research Center, includes analyzing China’s regulatory plastic frameworks and the role of Chinese NGOs in shaping a green Belt and Road Initiative.

A crowdfunding campaign led by Duke Kunshan students has raised almost US$57,000 to support over-stretched doctors and nurses in Hubei province, the epicenter of the Covid-19 outbreak, while Duke students and alumni have helped source thousands of pieces of protective clothing and other essential supplies.

Duke Kunshan’s outgoing executive vice chancellor says receiving the Charles Klasek Award from the Association of International Education Administrators is among the “most prestigious professional achievements” of his distinguished career.

With Duke Kunshan shuttered by the coronavirus, university officials at Duke and DKU scrambled to create a fully digital academic experience to replace the traditional offerings at the Chinese campus.

Using the latest technologies, Duke Kunshan has devised a dynamic digital teaching plan with updated course schedules and syllabi to ensure the online instruction our students receive is high quality, engaging and effective.