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Please note that following the coronavirus outbreak in China, we have established a special Updates for DKU Parents section to keep you updated on informational events and other activities. You will find general updates on DKU’s response to the outbreak here.

As the parent of a current or prospective student at Duke Kunshan, you play a critical role in your child’s college journey – from application to admission right through to graduation. It may seem overwhelming with so many decisions to make, that’s why we want to make sure that you and your child are supported throughout this process.

The links below offer information to help guide your conversations with your son/daughter. We also understand that you might have questions and concerns of your own. If you do, please reach out to us at We would love to help.

Find out what parents of current undergraduates have to say about Duke Kunshan University:

“I think DKU will play a very important role in my daughter’s future: The diversity of her classmates, the rigor and interdisciplinary nature of her education, the small class sizes and relationships she will build with professors and others affiliated with DKU, the opportunity to explore China and other parts of Asia, and the ability to improve her Mandarin, will further her development as a global citizen and a future leader. I can’t even fathom all of the opportunities that she and her classmates will have after graduating from DKU!” - Sybil Kisken, Denver, Colorado

“As Duke alumni, we see for our son a wonderful opportunity to help continue the legacy of Terry Sanford’s idea of ‘Duke’s outrageous ambitions’” - Julie and Michael Reeves, New Canaan, Connecticut

“This is indeed a great place for educating students. We are very pleased to find that our son has become more proactive in learning and more independent, thanks to Duke Kunshan." - Lei Lu, Shanghai, China

“I couldn’t imagine designing a more perfect school to position graduates better for their evolving future” - Hannah Emmanuele, Chicago, Illinois.

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