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PE class information for sessions 3 and 4

As all academic classes move online, DKU students will also have an opportunity to take and receive the credit for physical exercise (PE) classes in sessions 3 and 4. PE classes will be redesigned for online delivery via Zoom and with consideration of the limitations students may have confined to home. For this reason, considering various limitations and the fact PE courses may be taken later, PE courses during session 3 and 4 will be optional, and students may decide to withdraw without receiving “W” on their transcript.

Why we set up an online PE option

First, as a required course for graduation, we would like to offer students an opportunity to complete their PE requirement as any other academic class. Second, as students are confined to their home, now more than ever they can benefit from exercise to improve their mood and mental state, reduce stress and anxiety, strengthen the immunity, sharpen their thinking and learning skills as they take online classes, and yes, control their weight as they enjoy home cooking. Even if you do not wish to take the exercise class for credit, you can still log in and exercise with your friends online just for fun.

What classes will be offered online in Sessions 3 and Session 4

While there are limitations with what type of activity can be done at home, the DKU PE team will offer 25 to 35 creative exercise classes a week via Zoom (depending on the number of students). This will include yoga, Pilates, tai chi, boxing, turbo kick, and various workouts focusing on upper body, lower body, core and cardio.

The options for sessions 3 and 4

Students will have two options:

Option 1

If you are registered for PE in Session 3, you may receive PE credit by taking online PE class.

For Session 3, starting Feb. 24, students will be required to take any two online PE classes a week. If you are registered for one of the classes offered, such as yoga, tai chi, Pilates, boxing and IFaW, you may simply continue attending those classes. However, all students may choose to attend any two classes a week and receive the credit for their registered class. For example, even if you registered for team sports like basketball, football or badminton, you can still get credit for Session 3, if you attend any two online PE courses.

For Session 4 (if necessary), we will cancel all current PE registrations and offer five specific online classes: yoga, Pilates, tai chi, boxing and IFaW. Students interested in getting a PE credit will register for one of these courses and complete the class as any other academic class. Each class will be given twice a week. The syllabus for each class will be available for review prior to registration. Given the extraordinary circumstance, students who have already taken these classes will be allowed to repeat the class.

Option 2

Students who do not want to take an online PE class, and would like to wait until classes resume on campus, will be able to withdraw from PE classes in sessions 3 and 4 without “W” on their transcript and register for PE courses in a subsequent semester.

If you are still on campus

We will offer three on-campus classes given by Wayne Phan, DKU taekwondo instructor (and our director of environmental health and safety). The classes will be taekwondo, weight training, and running. For Session 3, students living on campus will have an option of taking the PE classes online, on campus, or a combination of the two as long as they complete two classes a week. In Session 4 (if necessary), students living on campus will have an option to register for online courses or one of the three on-campus classes.

Specifics for the online PE courses

  • Classes will be limited to 15 students, so that instructors are able to provide safe instruction and give each student appropriate attention during exercise. Registration will be limited, and once this number is reached you will not be able to register for this class. Do not leave all your classes for the last day of registration!
  • Classes will be given Monday to Friday with no weekend classes.
  • Find a space where you can comfortably and safely move and perform the exercise. While each class is designed to minimize the area required, you will be responsible for setting up your own exercise space.
  • Set up the camera and room so your entire body is visible. This will allow teachers to monitor your form and give feedback to prevent any injuries during exercise.
  • Please use a laptop instead of a phone. You should position the device’s camera far enough for the instructor to see your full body during exercise. Phone screens are too small to see smaller movements, which may lead to you incorrectly doing the exercise.
  • Before each class, instructors will post an introductory video to Sakai explaining the exercises and the class. This will give you a chance to get familiar with the exercises so you can perform the class with minimum interruptions and maximum intensity.
  • Attendance requirements are similar to a regular PE class – two missed sessions will result in NC. Medical absences will only be excused with a medical certificate.

If you have any questions, please email