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Lijing Yan, MPH, PhD

Lijing YanAssociate Research Professor, Global Health, Duke University and Duke Kunshan University
Head of Non-communicable Diseases Research, Global Health Research Center, Duke Kunshan University 

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Lijing L. Yan, PhD, MPH, is currently an associate research professor at the Duke Global Health Institute, Duke University in the USA and the Head of Non-communicable Chronic Diseases (NCDs) Research at the Global Health Research Center of Duke Kunshan University in China since July 2014. Previously, she was the Deputy Director of the George Institute for Global Health at Peking University Health Science Center and Director of the China International Center for Chronic Disease Prevention, a large network of 5 international academic institutions and 7 Chinese institutions dedicated to combat NCDs in China. She has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Peking University, a Master of Public Health degree and a doctoral degree in Demography from the University of California, Berkeley. Her main areas of research are chronic disease prevention and control (hypertension, heart disease, and stroke in particular), economic evaluations in health care, and integrated health management. She is the Principal Investigator or Co-Investigator on a number of NHLBI-funded and China-funded research grants. She has published dozens of peer-reviewed scientific papers some of which in leading medical journals such as JAMA, Circulation, and Archives of Internal Medicine.


Non-Communicable DiseasesGLHLTH 641KGraduate & UndergraduateSpringN/A


TAKEmeds Program: The Adherence and Knowledge Exchange heart and stroke medicines study (Phase 0-Intervention Development)

The use of evidence-based medications for secondary CVD prevention, such as information technology-enabled intervention, is suboptimal worldwide. Funded by World Heart Federation, this project aims to develop a provider-facing mobile application, contextualize patient-directed text messages that facilitates prescription of evidence-based medications for patients with established CAD, and increase the adherence to secondary prevention medications for CAD. In partnership with Fudan University, China, the current feasibility study (phase 0) is being conducted in three community healthcare centers in Shanghai.

RECOVER Trial: A randomized controlled trial on rehabilitation through caregiver-delivered nurse-organized service programs for disabled stroke patients in rural China

To develop, implement, and evaluate an evidence-based caregiver-delivered stroke rehabilitation program to improve the physical functioning of disabled stroke patients in rural China. The study employs a randomized control trial in which eligible and consenting stroke patients in two county hospitals (in Zhangwu, Liaoning and Qingtongxia, Ningxia respectively) are assigned to either intervention or control group. Nurses are trained by the rehabilitation specialists and they in turn train the family caregivers of the patients in the intervention group on mobility, self-care and toileting. An Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system was developed to help nurses with recruitment, baseline, intervention, telephone follow-up and outcome evaluations using the Android-based app. Recent reports show that the number of patients recruited has almost reached 15 in either hospital since the initiation.

NSFC “Major Project”: Responses to An Aging Society: Basic Scientific Problems Research

As part of the research team led by Prof. Yi Zeng at National Development Research Institute, Peking University, Prof. Lijing Yan received grant from the National Science Fund China Major Project. The grant approval was officially released on Nov. 5th, 2014 and the grant will fund from Jan, 2015 to Dec, 2019 with 18 million RMB (around 3 million USD) in total. The Peking University team that Prof. Yan is involved in work on the sub-project named as Healthy Aging – Influencing Factors of Aging Population and Effective Interventions.

Patterns of Health Service Use and Expenditures in Jiangsu Province, China

The Global Health Research Center has been commissioned by the Center of Health Statistics and Information of the National Health and Family Planning Commission to survey residents of Jiangsu Province to understand the pattern of health service. Professors Shenglan Tang and Lijing Yan will direct the project, which aims to understand the current features of health service utilization and expenditures, as well as the ¬national burden of healthcare expenditures placed on residents of Jiangsu Province. The fi¬ndings will provide concrete evidence for the evaluation of ongoing health system reforms to inform the development of the thirteenth national ¬ve-year health development plan, and for the future improvement of health resource allocation and healthcare management.


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