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    The Global Health Seminar Series

    The Global Health Seminar Series is an open lecture event organized by the Global Health Research Center at Duke Kunshan University, targeted not only to undergraduates and postgraduate students and faculty of DKU but also audiences in surrounding cities. The Seminar Series, held 1-3 times a month, aims to inform students, faculty, and community members about the forefront of modern global health research, as well as to provide an excellent platform for students and researchers to discuss hot issues and updated research progress.

    Several guest speakers have presented their most recent research during the fall 2014 Seminar Series. Dr. Charles Collins of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine spoke about “Health Systems in Developing Countries.” The second speaker of the Series was Professor Gari Clifford of the George Institute for Global Health, who presented “Scalable Global Healthcare – From Technology to People.” Clifford shared his research and projects designing low-cost medical monitoring systems using smartphones. The most recent speaker was Dr. Zhanlian Feng of RTI International, who presented an overview of China’s long-term care system, as well as a comparison against the systems of the United States and other developed countries.

    Furthermore, Professor Xiao-Nong Zhou of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (pictured left) presented on “China’s Sustained Drive to Eliminate Neglected Tropical Diseases” and Dr. Yunguo Liu of WHO spoke about achieving health-related Millennium Development Goals in Laos.