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Health Policy and Systems

The Chinese government has enacted health system reform in recent years to improve access to health care and meet the basic needs of over a billion people spread over a vast and diverse landscape.  As the country transitions to a market economy, the government of China aims to establish a health care system that serves all Chinese citizens and ensures their access to public health services and medical care through either social health insurance or government-supported health insurance schemes. This overhaul also includes improvement of health facilities, training of health personnel, and distribution of resources more equitably. Accurate collection and analysis of data will be crucial to the monitoring, evaluation and continual improvement of these reforms. The Global Health Research Center conducts research that monitors and evaluates the progress of the health reforms being enacted, with the goal of informing subsequent policy decisions.

Program Highlight

Improving access to and rational use of medicines in urban China

The goal of the proposed research is to improve equity in access to, and financing of, medicines by implementing effective and sustainable health insurance schemes in urban China. The research will describe and understand policies and regulations on access to medicines developed and implemented by urban health insurance schemes. We will provide policy recommendations on improving equitable access to and rational use of medicines through better design and implementation of health insurance schemes, taking into account national and local policies and regulations in urban areas with health insurance coverage.

Tuberculosis (TB) prevention and control project: Developing and evaluating finance approaches for TB and Multi-Drug Resistant TB treatment

This project aims to improve equity in access to and financing of tuberculosis and multi-drug resistant TB care, and to increase economic efficiency through optimizing health insurance policies, provision of subsidies for the patients, and reforming provider payment methods. The project has been implemented in three prefectures in eastern, central and western regions of China over a three-year period (2013-2015).