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Non-communicable Diseases

Non-communicable chronic diseases (NCDs) have rapidly become the largest health problem facing the world. In China, for example, over 80% of all deaths are caused by NCDs. Prevention and control of NCDs is an urgent global and national public health priority. The NCD research program of GHRC focuses on heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes and common risk factors for these and other conditions such as tobacco use, unhealthy diet, inadequate physical activity, overweight/obesity, and mental illnesses. 

We examine causes and risks of these conditions through genetic/epigenetic, metabolomic and epidemiological methods. We also explore innovative ways to promote health through multiple behavioral changes, use of information and communication technology, improvement of healthcare quality, health systems research, and others. Our emphases are on wellness, prevention and how to translate scientific evidence into practical uses. (See below for more details about our projects) 


System-Integrated Technology-Enabled Model of Care Aiming to Improve the Health of Stroke Patients in Resource-Poor Settings in China (SINEMA project)

Investigators: Lijing Yan, Alba Amaya-Burns, Janet Bettger, Elizabeth Turner, Shenglan Tang, Ninghua Wang, Yilong Wang, Cheng Sun, Wanbing Gu, Enying Gong


Research on How to Tackle an Aging Society – Analysis using the Chinese Longitudinal Healthy Longevity Survey (CLHLS Project)

Investigators: Yi Zeng (PI), Lijing Yan (co-PI), Cheng Sun, Enying Gong

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Engaging community health workers in combating non-communicable diseases in Asia: Strategies, approaches and practice (Bangladesh, China, Nepal and Vietnam) (COACH Project)

Investigators: Abu Abdullah (PI), Niying Li


Feasibility Assessment of Invigorating Grassroots Primary Healthcare for Cardiovascular Prevention and Management in Low-resource Settings in China, Vietnam and Kenya (FAITH study)

Investigators: Lijing Yan (PI), Enying Gong


A Pragmatic Trial on Rehabilitation through Caregiver-Delivered Nurse-Organized Service Program for Disabled Stroke Patients in Dianjiang County. (RECOVER study)

Investigators: Janet Bettger, Lijing Yan (Co-PI), Wanbing Gu

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Surveillance for Use of Healthcare Services among Residents in Jiangsu Province

Investigators: Shenglan Tang, Lijing Yan, Weixi Jiang


The Adherence and Knowledge Exchange Heart Disease Medicines (TAKEmeds study)

Investigators: JD Schwalm (PI) Lijing Yan(Co-PI), Shu Chen, Enying Gong