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Institutional Review Board

Institutional Review Board (IRB) members are charged with protecting the rights and welfare of research participants as required by law and policy while supporting academic freedom, thus ensuring that research can flourish at Duke Kunshan University.  

As a deliberative body, the IRB conducts independent reviews of research protocols. The goal of the IRB is to work with investigators to ensure that their research protocols can be approved. In particular, the DKU IRB is committed to embracing the flexibility allowed in the regulations for researchers in the social and behavioral sciences and the humanities.  

IRB members provide an exceptionally valuable service to the University in its efforts to achieve its goal of following international best practices with regard to the conduct of teaching and research. And, with the increased scrutiny of the research process by organizations around the world, the IRB members are even more important as interpreters and creative problem solvers.

The Institutional Review Board Email

Chair: Kyle Fruh


  • Qian Long
  • Abu Abdullah
  • Jingbo Cui
  • Kevin Sprague
  • Conal Ho
  • Coraline Goron
  • Xiaoqian Xu
  • Joseph Davies
  • Fei Xu
  • Shan Wang
  • Benjamin Bacon
  • Shixin Xu
  • Yijun Gu
  • Vivian Xu
  • Jiawen Cai
  • Meifang Chen
  • Mengjie Zou
  • Wanggi Jaung
  • Keping Wu
  • Tyler Carter
  • Yajuan Lin
  • Andrew MacDonald
  • Jiaxin Wu
  • Jing Bai (ex-officio)