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Non-government agreements and contracts

Since its very beginning, Duke Kunshan has established an active record of cooperation with other institutions, non-profit organizations and industry on research programs. Non-government sources of research funding come in as research contracts and gifts to support Duke Kunshan’s research and to make use of knowledge and technology generated by the research with these entities support.

In order to provide support to these research funding and to ensure proper compliance with the University policies, Duke Kunshan’s university offices draft, review, negotiate, execute and retain the following agreements:

Agreement typesPurposePrimary Responsible Office(s)
Sponsored research agreementA contract between Duke Kunshan and a non-government sponsor to fund and conduct research at and by Duke Kunshan.Research Support Office
Subaward agreement (subcontract)/Collaborative research agreementA contract between Duke Kunshan and a subcontractor to conduct research assigned by Duke Kunshan as part of research project sponsored by another entity (a.k.a. prime sponsor).Research Support Office
Research service agreementA contract between Duke Kunshan and an individual person or an outsourcing entity to conduct tasks assigned by Duke Kunshan as part of a research program sponsored by another organizationResearch Support Office
Letter of intent to research collaborationA binding document between organizations that are cooperating in the conduct of applying for a research projectResearch Support Office
IRB AgreementLetter of intent to research collaborationResearch Service Agreement
Sponsored Research AgreementSubaward Agreement / Collaborative Research Agreement 

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