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About Zu Chongzhi Center


Zu Chongzhi Center for Mathematics and Computational Sciences (CMCS) established in 2019. The Center proposes innovative approaches to research and encourages interdisciplinary efforts aiming to address important scientific problems and emerging challenges. The specific research areas include computational materials science, computational chemistry, data science and machine learning, mathematical biology and medicine and high performance computing.

Opportunities arise as traditional boundaries between disciplines break down, especially around data and computations. The center will encourage interdisciplinary collaborations, and build bridge between DKU, Duke University and other institutions in applied mathematics, computations and related disciplines. The efforts include but not limited to a Post-doctoral program, a visiting faculty program, and international conferences and workshops.

The CMCS will strengthen and cultivate innovation in teaching key courses on mathematics and physical sciences at DKU, in the curriculum of Master of Engineering in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) and undergraduate program, and provide research opportunities and mentoring to both undergraduate and graduate students.

The faculty and research activities in CMCS complement the development of students at DKU by supporting DKU Math Modeling Club and math and computational science competitions’ selection and training.


Zu Chongzhi Center for Mathematics and Computational Science

Duke Kunshan University
8 Duke Avenue
Kunshan, Jiangsu
215316 China