BENEFITS AT DKU | Duke Kunshan University


Employees of Duke Kunshan University (DKU) are provided a number of benefits, some that are unique to working in higher education and many that are new to the candidates who join our team.  The following list are examples of some of the benefits offered to full-time employees of DKU.


Upon accepting a position at DKU, new Employees are required to sign an Employment Contract and are issued an Employee Handbook.  The Employee Handbook outlines the policies, practices and guidelines of the University and is the governing body of information that Employees are expected to know and adhere to.  When a question arises, the Handbook should be the first resource an employee turns to for guidance.

Work Schedule and Time Away

DKU operates on a 12-month schedule.  While Academic Programs generally run August through December (Fall Semester) and February through June (Spring Semester), the Staff are expected to work the full calendar year with no summer break.  Faculty schedules may vary based on one’s teaching contract and their academic/research pursuits outside of teaching.

DKU observes all statutory holidays designated by the Chinese government as well as the ‘make up’ days on the weekends prior to, and directly following, the holidays.

DKU Employees earn Annual Leave ranging from 15- to 20-days a year based on their years of service.  In addition, employees earn 12-days of sick leave each year.

In accordance with Chinese laws and regulations, DKU also affords its employees leave for Marriage, Maternity and Child Feeding, Paternity and Bereavement Leave when applicable.

Health Insurance

DKU offers international health insurance as well as Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage.

Orientation, Training and Professional Development

DKU new hires are provided an orientation to the institution, its systems and policies as well as an overview of benefits and compensation shortly after they begin work.

Employees are provided on-the-job training as well as opportunities to learn from DKU’s partners, Duke University and Wuhan University whenever possible.  Responsibilities may include travel to either partner institution for training.

Professional Development is strongly encouraged and wherever possible, DKU line managers are empowered to offer their staff the opportunity to train or take classes relevant to their position.  Professional development includes opportunities to network with peer institutions or colleagues in similar roles at other Universities by way of attendance at Professional Associations or Conferences.  If approved by line managers, this can mean time away from work to attend meetings, training or conferences and could include coverage of enrollment or registration fees when applicable.

Open Door Policy

DKU believes in the ‘Open Door Policy’ that calls for Senior Leaders and Line Managers to maintain open lines of communication with their staff.  Likewise, if Staff have suggestions on ways to improve procedures or streamline processes, they are strongly encouraged to share their thoughts and suggestions with their Line Manager, Department Head or Senior Leaders of DKU.

This is an incredibly important aspect of day-to-day life at DKU.  The cross-cultural, cross-discipline nature of the work we are doing benefits from collaborative and collective generation of new ideas and recommendations on ways we can improve.