The Medical Physics Summer Program 2017 Held at Duke Kunshan University | Duke Kunshan University

The Medical Physics Summer Program 2017 Held at Duke Kunshan University

The Medical Physics Summer Program 2017 was held on Duke Kunshan University campus from August 13 to 18. Twenty-three outstanding undergraduate students were selected from 18 well-known universities across the world, such as University of Bristol (the UK), University of Hong Kong, Fudan University, and Nanjing University to experience the full flavor of Duke Kunshan University’s Medical Physics Graduate Program.

Prof. Haiyan Gao, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Duke Kunshan University, warmly greeted all participants and delivered a welcome speech on August 14. Then Dr. Rachel Blitzblau from Duke University Medical Center delivered a keynote speech to introduce roles of medical physicists in radiation therapy. Prof. David Huang, Director-in-Residence of Medical Physics Graduate Program, gave them a brief introduction to medical physics, kicking off the 5-day event.

Prof. Huang lectured on basic knowledge of Medical Physics applied in the clinics and on radiation protection to teach the students how to avoid radiation hazards. Students were amazed by the flesh and blood radiotherapy slides Prof. Huang showed. Dr. James Bowsher, Director of Graduate Studies, Medical Physics Graduate Program, talked about imaging methods in medical physics. Chunhui Gu, a senior student from Fudan University said, “He guided us to expand our mind and we brainstormed how to design Gamma Camera. This gives me insights into the American class—— teach how to think rather than sheer knowledge.” Moreover, Dr. Jing Cai, Associate Professor, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Dr. Qin Lin, Executive Dean, Xiamen Cancer Hospital, delivered lectures on Radiation Therapy, Radiation Physics, and Anatomy and Radiobiology, leading students to discover the world of medical physics.

As a spotlight of this event, the featured field trips to Suzhou Municipal Hospital and The First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University provided first-hand exposure to clinical aspects in the practice of medical physics. Twenty three participants visited related departments including Radiation Therapy, Radiology, Ultrasound and Nuclear Medicine. Jasmine Mun Wong, who is from the University of Hong Kong, said, “Apart from observing the equipment with my own eyes, professional medical staff explained the working principles to us as well. We can review what we learnt in the morning and get more knowledge.”

Apart from lectures and field trips, the program also organized wonderful activities. Prof. Donald Snow, Director of the Language and Culture Center, Duke Kunshan University, shared his stories of learning various languages and answered questions on how to improve English in daily life. An Art Lab was held at the Water Pavilion located in the center of the campus. Participants expressed themselves through colors. Even after the events at night, some students gathered to play table tennis and had a lot of fun at the campus gym.