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Sport is a common language everyone understands and therefore, is a powerful tool that can bring our culturally diverse student body together. Our sports and physical activity program is designed to promote diversity in physical activity, reflect on students’ interests, and provide an opportunity for intra-varsity competition.

Type of sport clubs at DKU depends solely on students’ interest. Hence, our incoming students will have a significant impact on the sports program at Duke Kunshan University. Our inaugural class has officially started 12 different sports and recreational clubs, while we also sponsor various additional activities on a rolling basis. For Duke Kunshan sports clubs and contact information, please click here.


Duke Kunshan University participates in local and provincial sports leagues and events, and attends intra-varsity tournaments with other joint-venture universities.  Whereas our intramural competitions are great opportunities to bring our staff, students, and even members of the local community together to compete, stay fit, but more importantly make new friends and have fun! Students and club leaders are encouraged to organize these events with the support of the DKU Athletics.  


With projected completion in 2021, DKU’s new state-of-the art Recreation Center will include outdoor stadium, tennis courts, fitness center with indoor track, swimming pool, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, squash, racquetball, martial arts, spinning, fencing and several studios for dance, yoga, and aerobic exercise.

Currently, students have access to our on campus outdoor basketball and volleyball courts, soccer pitch and have access to local Sports Centers for indoor activities. 

Our fitness center has a range of fitness and exercise equipment and offers a variety of fitness and wellness classes. For fitness class schedule, please click here.

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Sports Facilities

Basketball and volleyball courts
Soccer pitch
New Recreation Center with outdoor stadium (being built)